Exclusive Partner Contracts

Posted By: Ben Rodgers On: 2023-10-16
Posted On: 2023-10-16

As the new academic year gets underway, please remember to honor and abide by our exclusive partnership contracts.  Specifically, Saint Mary’s University enjoys exclusive partnerships with Barnes & Noble College Bookstores in both Winona and Minneapolis and with Chartwells food service and Pepsi-Cola of La Crosse on the Winona campus.  These partnerships provide mutually beneficial goods, services and revenue opportunities for our businesses and our campus communities.

Barnes and Noble is Saint Mary’s exclusive bookstore partner for all campuses and online programs and is the exclusive retail buyer and seller of all required, recommended or suggested course materials and supplies.  Barnes and Noble is committed to providing quality books and online instructional resources for purchase and rent by University students at affordable prices. As an exclusive partner, all books and online instructional resources must be purchased through Barnes and Noble, including referrals made by faculty and staff.

Chartwells is the University’s exclusive catering and food service provider for the Winona campus, including facilities located on the former Saint Teresa’s campus. Chartwells is committed to working with departments and student groups to provide catering service for all events, as well as daily meal service and coffee in the Toner Student Center (The Eatery, Cardinal Café, and Cardinal Coffee). Chartwells also contracts with Canteen Services for all snack vending on campus. As our exclusive partner, all food and beverages for University events in Winona must be purchased through Chartwells.

Saint Mary’s partners with Pepsi-Cola of La Crosse to be the exclusive beverage provider on the Winona campus. As part of this contract, all beverages purchased with University funds, served, or offered for sale on campus must be Pepsi products. This includes Athletics and Theater concessions as well as any
other areas that provide, serve, or sell beverages on campus.  Pepsi also provides all Winona campus beverage vending services.