Empowering all Voices: Workshop #2 this Thursday

Posted By: Sarah Haugen On: 2023-07-10
Posted On: 2023-07-10

The summer Teaching and Learning series is an opportunity for our community of faculty and staff to engage and learn together and by association, with, for, and from one another.

This Summer T & L series is designed to present and model effective learner-sighted practices that can be utilized in all settings where people come together to collaborate (classroom, boardroom, meetings, etc).  Coming together in a community to explore together builds a greater sense of belonging and a classroom/workplace culture that values all voices.


Please, join us this Thursday evening for our second of four workshops.

Summer Teaching and Learning Series 

Workshop 2:

Empowering Voice: structures that empower introverts and wallflowers

Thursday, July 13, 2023

6:00-7:30 PM CST


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Student voice is the active input of students’ values, beliefs, thoughts, experiences, and perspectives into the classroom through instructional approaches and techniques that invite and allow for students to share themselves as a way of learning by association with, from, and for one another. During this workshop, we will ground our exploration in the Lasallian Virtues of generosity, gravity, and wisdom. Participants will continue to explore practices and strategies that will invite and engage all voices, especially those who need more time to think and process information.