Education Students Visit Arcadia Middle School

Posted By: Betty Kube On: 2023-03-09
Posted On: 2023-03-09

On Friday, March 10th, senior Elementary Education majors will be welcomed to Arcadia Middle School in Arcadia, Wisconsin.  The day will be spent observing and engaging in effective, culturally-sustaining instructional practices with students who are English Learners, most of whom speak Spanish as their first language.  The Arcadia community is home to many families from Spanish-speaking nations, who have come to Wisconsin for employment opportunities.  The Arcadia school district has developed model programs for serving students and their families, and SMU students are excited to have the opportunity to learn from them.  Principal Andrea Eisner and Dr. Anika Paaren-Sdano (School of Education) have planned experiences for SMU students in English language arts, math, and science classes, as well as a unique program called “Foundations,” for students who have been in the United States less than two years.  SMU students will also enjoy school lunch alongside Arcadia students, and participate in a panel discussion with school district leadership, including the superintendent and director of curriculum.  The experience will serve as a Cultural Engagement experience for those students still in need of fulfilling that requirement; for others, it will be a great day learning about a special school and community.