Education students learn the Science of Reading

Posted By: apaarens On: 2023-09-07
Posted On: 2023-09-07

Elementary Education students in ED 330 are learning how to teach students to read, write and spell using current research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, education and linguistics.  The Science of Reading movement, a topic of much interest in education state and nationwide, draws upon findings from these fields to inform educators on how to support the literacy-learning process for all students.  Ben Slavik, Clare Culver, Trinity Schmidtknecht, Savana Johnson, Alyssa Sebo, Morgan Meyer, Izzy Goettelman and Amelia Spilde (left to right) are studying the regions of the human brain involved in language processing and how those brain regions work together when we read.  Dr. Anika Paaren-Sdano offered the group supplies to create “brain caps” with labels for each brain region, paying special attention to the those shown in fMRI research to govern the reading process.  The caps turned out a little small, but it was a memorable class with an important message:  evidence-based reading instruction can rewire the brain to enhance reading skills and comprehension!