EdTech Tip of the Week: Summer Courses, What’s Next?

Posted On: 2022-03-21

Summer Term is around the corner. There are a few things to accomplish in order for your course to be ready. First off, Summer courses for both College and SGPP will be available on April 4th. SGPP SU22 Term starts May 2nd. This means that the courses will have to be published no later than April 18th. For the College, SU22 starts May 16th. This means that courses need to be published no later than May 2nd.

As a reminder, here are a few best practices* to ensure your course is ready to be published.

  1. Edit Homepage: Take a few minutes to welcome your students into the course.
  2. Update Syllabus:  Are you uploading a syllabus but it’s not showing? Watch this 2-minute video
  3. Edit Due Dates/Content: Updating due dates will save you time during the term
  4. Update Accessibility: Ensure that all students have the necessary tools to be successful in your course

*These guidelines are based upon the requirements through the Minimum Usage Document. Remember, you can always Set up a meeting with InTech for further guidance and assistance on this process. We also have the Canvas Term Start Organizer to walk you through the process for each step listed above.

Important dates to remember:

  • April 4th, SU22 course sections available 
  • April 18th, SGPP publishes courses
  • May 2nd, SGPP summer term starts
  • May 2nd, College publishes courses
  • May 16th, College summer term starts

Join our training for this week!

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