Earth Week Tips

Posted By: Kathleen Allen On: 2023-04-17
Posted On: 2023-04-17

April 17-22 is Earth Week! To mark the occasion, GeoSpatial Services staff have compiled some simple tips that will be displayed on digital screens across both campuses each day. These tips will also be shared daily in Saint Mary’s Today. In addition, the library has created an online resource guide for Earth Day, with books, films, podcasts, and online resources where you can learn more! Some materials will also be displayed at the Winona campus library.

Our first tip: Did you know that about 90% of the energy used by washing machines during laundry goes towards heating the water? By switching to cold water washing, Americans could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 11 million tons. The energy saved could power the Empire State Building for 444 years! You could save even more energy by skipping the dryer and hanging your laundry out to dry – it can help clothes last longer too!