Day of Fast and Prayer for Peace Invitation

Posted By: Marisa Naryka On: 2023-10-26
Posted On: 2023-10-26

To the Saint Mary’s Community:

As a community of faith and as an expression of solidarity, we invite you to participate in a day of fasting and prayer for peace on Friday, October 27. Pope Francis called for this day, extending the invitation to all – Christians, those of other religions, and all those who advocate for peace, to join according to their own practice.

Realizing our broader Saint Mary’s community is composed of various faith traditions, we encourage you to find support in your own faith tradition and its community.

For those in need of support, you are very welcome to reach out to the Office of Inclusion and Human Dignity at


Brothers and sisters, war does not resolve any problem. It only sows death and destruction. It increases hatred, multiplies revenge. War cancels the future…

Pope Francis
18 October 2023
Vatican City