Change in Schedule for Employee Performance Reviews

Posted On: 2022-03-07

In order to align annual employee performance reviews with the university’s strategic plan and associated unit-level plans, employee performance reviews will now occur in June, July, and August each year. The reviews will now evaluate performance from June 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022 and set goals for the period of June 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023. Following last year’s format, employees will complete and submit their self-evaluation by July 1. Supervisors will complete their reviews and meet with their direct reports, submitting all forms to Human Resources by August 31.

Formerly, performance reviews were on a calendar year cycle and completed during the months of December, January, and February. The change in timing better supports the implementation of the strategic plan and future plans for aligning compensation increases with performance.

The performance review process outlined above applies to all employees with the exception of College faculty and SGPP core professors without administrative duties, who follow a different process.

The review forms and utilization guidance will be available in early May. Please direct any questions to Human Resources at