Cardinal Co-op Easter Break Faculty Fundraiser

Posted On: 2022-04-06

We are the fundraising team from the CAP499 section: “Food Scarcity” here at SMU, writing to you about The Cardinal Co-op, our campus food pantry and our fundraiser to support the Co-op over Easter Break. 

The Cardinal Co-op is currently available to students over breaks and, during these times, students are on campus without consistent access to food. While the cafeteria is open to students that stay on campus for university-sponsored programs, the cafeteria is not available for others that remain on campus, such as international students, student workers, and students that choose not to travel home for short periods of time. 

With your help and generous donations, we would be able to purchase food for the Cardinal Co-op for our community members on campus during Easter Break. Any leftover funds from Easter break would go toward establishing an Emergency Assistance Grant to be available at other times of need throughout the school year.

Use this link to donate and help us reach our goal of $500! 



CAP499 Fundraising Team