Biology Club is having their annual honey sale!

Posted By: Myles Sandolph On: 2023-09-21
Posted On: 2023-09-21

Biology club’s honey sale is taking place this week! Courtesy of Dr. Lallaman’s honey bees, members of Saint Mary’s biology club were able to help jar honey as well as learn about honey bees and all the work that goes into being a beekeeping. Biology club members will be set up at a table near the cafeteria stairs in Toner from 11:30am-1pm. Honey can be purchased for $10 a jar. Payment must be made in cash. Due to limited supply, we are limiting sales to one jar of honey per person. So, stop by soon to snatch a bottle of honey before we run out! If for any reason you are unable to stop by the table during the allotted time, reserve your honey by emailing and we will get you your honey 🙂 We appreciate all your support!