April 15th Red Lot Closure

Posted By: Matt Huff On: 2023-04-10
Posted On: 2023-04-10

The Office of Campus Safety would like to announce that the Red Lot parking lot will be closed on Saturday, April 15th, 2023 at 7 am. There is an event scheduled to occur in the lot and the lot will be closed until 6 pm.



Students with Red Lot parking permits should park in the Day/Overflow Lot (marked in Black in the attached image) or in the Brown/Yellow Lot (behind Page Theater, marked in Brown/Yellow in the attached image) during the time the Red Lot is closed. Once the Red Lot is open again, students should move their vehicles back to the Red Lot. Any vehicles with Red Lot permits that are parked in lots other than the Brown/Yellow Lot or the Day/Overflow Lot may be ticketed for being parked in an unauthorized lot.



This closure will NOT affect the specially reserved parking spots within the Red Lot (ie. Mailroom Golf Cart and Chartwell’s Truck parking spots). Faculty/Staff vehicles parked in this lot may be towed to clear the lot for the scheduled event.


If you have any questions or concerns. please contact the Office of Campus Safety by phone at 507-457-1703 or email at winsafety@smumn.edu

Thank you.


Matthew T. Huff
Director of Campus Safety