An Adjustment To Your Fall Billing Due Date

Posted By: Tianna Johnson On: 2023-08-03
Posted On: 2023-08-03

This email was sent yesterday but we wanted to include it in our Saint Mary’s Today to help ensure the message was well communicated.

Thank you for your understanding as we roll out our new student portal The Nest, to better serve you. We wanted to update you on one policy change as we make this transition.

Beginning in the fall 2023 semester, the university will be transitioning to a single billing due date for the entire semester. For fall of 2023, therefore, the tuition due date will be September 21st. The impact is that those students who enroll in 8-week courses will now see the tuition and fee charges for the entire semester of courses on their September 21st bill, as opposed to having a payment deadline on September 21st and a second payment deadline on November 21st. For students enrolling in term 2 courses only, your payment deadline will remain November 21st.

We recognize that this change could introduce some challenges for some of our students. Therefore, we are excited, for the first time, to offer you the option of utilizing a payment plan. Learn more about the payment plans and how you can utilize them in a communication coming soon – on August 10th. This communication will be coming at the same time as your pending Financial Aid award, should you choose to utilize that and have submitted your 23-24 FAFSA.

Thank you for entrusting your education to Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.