All Saints Day Mass with Fr. Burns

Posted By: Brian Kusek On: 2023-10-30
Posted On: 2023-10-30

What is All Saints Day?

During the year, the Church celebrates men and women who we believe are living with God in heaven. Every year on November 1st, one solemn day is set aside to commemorate them all, even those whose names are unknown to the universal Church. Pope St. Pius X, speaking of the Lasallian saint, Benilde, reminds us that being a saint does not mean doing extraordinary things, but doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. This holiday is a great feast of hope, then, since it reminds all of us of our ultimate goal: to live lives of virtue such that we can dwell with God in our heavenly home. All of us are called to holiness. All of us are called to be saints.

Celebrating the Saints

The Solemnity of All Saints is a holy day of obligation, meaning that attendance at this Mass is as important to practicing Catholics as a Sunday celebration. Our president, Fr. Burns, will offer the 12:15 p.m. Mass in St. Thomas More Chapel for all students, faculty, and staff of our university. All are welcome!