2023 Summer Student Work Opportunity

Posted By: Latisha Thomas On: 2023-04-24
Posted On: 2023-04-24

This is your opportunity to secure employment and stay on campus for the summer. All full-time students returning in the fall are eligible to work on campus over the summer. Jobs will pay either $12 or $14 per hour, and students will receive free housing and a free lunch from 11:30a-12:30p (provided on weekdays). Student employees are expected to work from May 1 to August 27. On-campus housing is available at no charge to those who are employed full-time as long as they are in good standing with Residence Life. On-campus housing is available for $1,500 for the summer for students taking internships for credit through SMU. Students deemed not in good standing with Residence Life will not be allowed to live on-campus during the summer months. Summer housing applications will be available in eRezLife March 13. Students will be placed in Saint Yon’s and La Salle Hall by the Office of Residence Life and you may be placed with a roommate.

All full-time students who will register in March as full-time students in Fall 2023 are eligible to apply, but priority for summer employment is given to those who meet all of the criteria listed below:
-have paid their 22-23 student account in full
-are in good standing with the university in terms of academics and disciplinary matters

Securing a Summer Employment Position:

Apply on Handshake today! Supervisors will receive notification and will reach out to you if they wish to interview and/or hire you for their department. Departments may hire for positions based on their need for skill and experience. Once hired, your supervisor will send you a work permit. Complete and return the permit to Cardinal Central. If you have not previously worked on campus as a student worker, new student worker forms will be sent to you. These forms must be completed before beginning work.

Summer Employment Criteria:

* If you are accepting summer on-campus employment, you are committing to a 40-hour work week with the university. If you have another job off campus or are taking any classes, you must arrange those around your assigned SMU hours of work.
* Summer workers are expected to work 40 hours per week and may not exceed these hours. Overtime is not allowed. There is no holiday pay. Your supervisor may require that you work weekends or holidays, as long as you do not exceed 40 hours per week. Your schedule will be arranged with your supervisor.
* Any expected summer leave time must be approved by the supervisor prior to the start of summer. Failure to have leave time approved in advance may result in termination.
* Students may be terminated for failure to work as scheduled or performing unsatisfactory work. Any student who is terminated or quits their job must vacate campus housing within 24 hours.
* If you intend to discontinue working, you are required to give at least one week’s notice. Failure to do so could jeopardize your ability to work on campus in the future.
* Students who are not going to live on campus during the fall semester must vacate their summer housing upon notification of Residence Life.

If you have any questions, call Cardinal Central at 507-457-6655, email cardinalcentral@smumn.edu, or stop by Cardinal Central in lower Saint Mary’s Hall.