2022 Performance Evaluation Form with SMART Goals

Posted On: 2022-06-09

As was communicated in March 2022, the annual performance review cycle has been adjusted to now coincide with the fiscal year. Also new this year is a revised performance review form that makes use of SMART goals. The SMART goal format (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound) enables mutual understanding of clear and measurable goals to effectively evaluate performance. The 2022 performance review form and separate SMART goal guide can be downloaded from the HR webpage and should be reviewed carefully by both employees and supervisors.


The suggested timeline for this cycle’s transition to the fiscal year is:


Employees complete self-evaluation for FY 21-22 (June 1, 2021 – May 31, 2022) and propose SMART goals for FY 22-23. This is the first part of the review form. Now thru July 15
Supervisors complete evaluation and set FY 22-23 SMART goals for employees that connect to unit-level and strategic plans. This is the second part of the review form. July 15 – Aug 15
Supervisors deliver an interactive evaluation for each of their employees based on the completed review form. By August 31


Please Note: Performance reviews for core faculty members at the SGPP will use the SGPP Core Faculty Review form. Performance reviews for college faculty and athletic coaches follow a different process and cycle.


As before, employees prepare a self-evaluation and return it to their supervisors. Supervisors prepare performance evaluations on each of their employees based on the employee’s ability to effectively fulfill job responsibilities and ability to meet or exceed annual goals.  This process should include a look back to previous year’s annual work plans or department/individual work goals as well as SMART goal setting for FY 22-23 ahead which just began June 1.

Prior to August 31, supervisors should schedule and meet with each of their employees to review both the employee’s self-evaluation and your written evaluation of their performance. The review is a collaborative, interactive discussion with the intent of mutual agreement on performance goals for FY 22-23.

Both parties digitally sign and date the review form at end of the performance evaluation meeting.  The employee signature is an acknowledgement of receipt of the performance evaluation and may not always signify agreement with it.

Return digitally signed reviews to hr@smumn.edu by August 31, 2022 where they will be routed to employees’ digital personnel files.  Employees may keep a separate copy of the completed review.

If, after reading through the SMART goal guide, you still have questions about this year’s review form or SMART goals themselves, please contact Dave Miliotis directly at dmilioti@smumn.edu or x1421.